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If you know your head size, here is a quick a guide to help you determine which hat size to order.  In the event that your hat size does not come in the style that you love, shoot us a message with your measurements included.  We may be able to get it custom-fit just for you.

If you don't know your head size, don't you worry.  Right below we've got some tips to help you take a measurement.  Check it out... 


If you don't know your head size, we can help.

To measure for a hat, circle the crown of you head with fabric measuring tape (if you don't have measuring tape you can use a non-elastic string or dental floss), above the eyebrows and ears.  Double check yourself to make sure you have an accurate measurement. 

If using string or floss, measure the length of the string against a ruler or yard stick. 

Lastly, match your measurement to the above sizing chart.

Voila! You've got your size!