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The Land of “be you, be true.”

Not too long ago hat making was an art form recognized as renaissance, specialized, and highly sought after.  For many, this art seemed to get"lost in the sauce" as time passed.  In real life, it was never lost and that is why you are here; to indulge in the art and craftsmanship of customized hats.


At the core, wearing a hat is freedom and true expression of individuality. The power behind the hat is essentially confidence and protection from the elements.  Fruition Hat Company was founded by three individuals who believe in generational hat quality, freedom of expression, and essentially living in your own greatness.


What started out as three unique people with a shared love for hats, evolved into a close knit family of artists. These artists would become known to be key players in the revival of hat fashion and hat artistry.


As hat connoisseurs ourselves, the Fruition Team's devotion to your noggin revolves simply around making you feel good, because you look good in a hat!

Confidence is the center of all decisions, so trust us, we don’t just sell hats, we ensure style.